Cool Projects

Protect Plus – Air Purification and Water Filtration Divisions

CAD drawings, 3D printed design iterations, Sourcing

Bernhardt Design / Bernhardt Furniture – Contract and Residential Divisions

3D Printed prototypes parts for interior components of upholstered furniture, 3D Printed assorted hardware

Century Furniture

3D Printed Scale Models of chairs to be used as Sales & Marketing aids

Network Integrity Systems

Created various 3D printed parts, developed domestic sourcing options, advised and provided training on 3D CAD system.

American Beatbox Championships –

Created trophies & awards for presentations using 3D Printing, CAD, Laser engraving and cutting

COVID-19 Update

We are working on 3D printing parts to help produce equipment for use during this time of fighting the Covid19 Virus. We look forward to helping you with your needs in times of sickness and health. Stay well.

Our heroes - ER Docs! Glad Regenbogen Studios could support their work with 3D printed face shields.