Discovering how something is made is the best way to understand how to make it better. This is true product development.

Working with Regenbogen Studios to solve your creative challenges, gives you access to skills developed over decades in Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, 3D Printing, and Digital Rendering. 

Experienced with Industrial, Commercial and Residential applications.


Our experience with creative problem solving, shop floor layout, operational workflow, and manufacturing education, along with our vast resource network, makes Regenbogen Studios a valued business partner.

Skilled in design, material properties, production, procurement, testing, and training, we can turn concepts into realistic strategies for manufacturing on any scale.


Regenbogen Studios has the capability to draw 2D blueprints, create 3D CAD models and renderings, and build a variety of prototypes to communicate your concept with accurate information.

Our experienced, creative approach can help you determine the best ways to get your ideas production-ready. 

3D Printing

Using some of the finest production machines available, we can create anything from quick-draft prototypes to parts that can be used in mechanical applications.  

With resolutions to 25 microns and a variety of available materials, you can simulate the form and function of your idea. 

Applicable for a small run of custom parts, a pattern for a production part, or a fixture to solve a manufacturing need, we can help you determine if 3D printing is the ideal solution.

Digital Rendering

2 Dimensional dynamic visualization tools can make your design concept stand out.

Created with exact colors and materials, mapped to shape and scale, lit to replicate an actual environment, Regenbogen Studio’s digital renderings take your presentations to the next level.

Custom Products

With a fully equipped woodshop supplementing our Engineering Lab / 3D printing studio, we have all the tools and resources necessary to create full-scale patterns, build prototypes, or produce limited edition custom products.